What is the point of education if you can’t get a job?

Dare to imagine the future.

Sebastian Thrun founded Udacity upon the belief that education should be accessible, affordable and ultimately result in a job you love. With a Nanodegree Program, you can learn cutting-edge Silicon Valley skills, graduate in months, not years, and pay a fraction of what traditional higher education can cost.

Our challenge was to make this remarkable service stand out in a market saturated with online schools. We decided Sebastian Thrun’s vision was what made Udacity unique. So we used his passion and drive to create a sophisticated brand that Udacity could own.

With so many online schools advertising on the internet, we decided to take a different approach. We would choose a traditional medium (television) to share the promise of Udacity. Our message would be simple and powerful–Udacity will prepare you for the jobs of tomorrow.

We partnered with one of the best production houses in L.A. for their directorial and special effects skill sets. The goal was to create visually stunning vignettes that highlighted Nanodegrees in areas like autonomous cars, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We wanted to speak to the dreamers, innovators and mavericks–the people who dare to imagine the future.

Our spot first aired in October 2016. Just 6 months later, awareness was up 56%, enrollment was up 20% and Udacity had the 2nd strongest consideration to enrollment rate in the category.