Hitting our Target Demo's Bullseye? Easy.

A Toyota for all walks of life.

Traditionally, Toyota national marketing would launch each model-year vehicle with a campaign extolling its new features and benefits. But as national Toyota materials shifted towards, “branding” advertising, the Southern California Toyota Dealers needed to do more than sell the car buy experience. They needed to promote the different models they were selling.

DE was tasked with finding a way to appeal each vehicle to its unique target demographic. A Toyota for all walks of life.

We knew we faced one major challenge. Most product demos are about as exciting as watching Chia Pets grow. So instead of just showing car footage, we developed characters that embodied each vehicle’s target demo.

And we did so to a granular level. Our characters had names, jobs, and hobbies—we even created a back-story for one character’s signature mustache—all in the name of better understanding our consumers.

Then, working with Director Bob Giraldi’s award-winning crew, we created worlds and scenarios in which our characters used their respective Toyota models to go about their days with comfort and ease. Our Tundra driver? He was born to cause a ruckus, just like he does in his tough-as-nails Toyota pickup. Our Prius driver? He earned his PhD in astrophysics at 29 and now spends his days marveling at his hybrid’s gadgets galore. So, no matter your walk of life, we made it clear that your Southern California Toyota dealers have got a vehicle that’ll help make it easy.

Before the launch of our campaign, other automakers in the region had been slowly chomping into our dominant market share. But as our spots began airing at the beginning of 2017, we were able to push back and reclaim big chunks of the local auto market pie. Clearly, we’d done our job selling not only the buying experience but the sheet metal as well.