There's a McDonald's for every morning.

All-Day Breakfast was a hit, but it was taking a bite out of morning sales.

In 2015, McDonald’s introduced All-Day Breakfast and it was an immediate success. Customers loved being able to get their morning favorites at lunch or even dinner. McDonald’s could not have been happier with the results. But by 2017, there was a problem. All-Day Breakfast was a hit, but it was taking a bite out of morning sales. McDonald’s wanted to get those early-morning guest counts up by reminding people that McDonald’s was a great breakfast option IN the morning.

So we brought our message to life with a disruptive experiential activation. The goal was to literally make McDonald’s a part of everyone’s morning routine. We started by scouting locations around Los Angeles. From the beach to the business districts, we wanted to find places where real Angelinos spend their mornings. There we incorporated custom designed “speaker boxes” in a way that felt organic to each specific location. Once we had our speaker boxes, we needed the voice inside them. Someone who could walk the line between sarcastic and cute; someone who could have fun with our participants, but still feel like a brand ambassador. And we found that someone in Joel.

The next morning, L.A. woke up to a surprise. Drive-thru speakers popping up in the middle of their morning routine. Our ambassador would take orders and the food was delivered via jogger, ATV or even drone. The whole experience was shared across social platforms, using paid and organic media to help get the word out.