Look up in the sky!
It’s our spokesman!

Launching GreatCall Splash

Our goal was to bring awareness to GreatCall’s new product launch for the Splash Urgent Response device. The product would be targeted to seniors 80+. We wanted our message to reflect the fact that the Splash makes it easy to live life without worry. One press of the button and GreatCall’s 5Star Agents will send you any kind of help you need, wherever you need it. It’s like having your very own safety net. We knew that the number-one fear seniors face is having a fall. So we decided to pull off the ultimate fall. We asked America’s foremost safety advocate, John Walsh, to fall off of a 37-story skyscraper.

But first we needed to convince the client to let us have their spokesperson jump off a skyscraper. Fortunately, GreatCall loved the idea and took the leap with us.   For the shoot, we made sure we had our own safety net of talented people to bring the spot to life.  Bob Giraldi was our Advertising Hall of Fame director. Claudio Miranda our Oscar-winning cinematographer, and our body-double playing John Walsh was the talented stunt man, Jon DeVore.

Our location for the freefall was an actual 37-story building in Downtown Los Angeles. No green screens here. Our stunt man base-jumped from the top of the building and the real John Walsh was added in post-production. Logistically, this meant finding a building that would actually allow us a roof jump, and closing down a busy L.A. street for an entire day.

With spots running on cable TV nationally, in a matter of weeks awareness and sales were at an all-time high for GreatCall. John Walsh became even more popularly associated with GreatCall with customers calling to ask, “Did John Walsh really jump off of a building?”