Bacon-Infused Cocktails? Ya Bacon Us Crazy!

How do you advertise bacon to a group that shuns traditional advertising?

We understand that in order to promote your brand or product, you must make it tangible to your audience. Bring your brand or products to life in a way that is exciting and makes your audience want to join in on the experience, or at least follow along. In order to grow your online presence you must take your brand out into the real world and that’s precisely what we did for our client Farmer John with The Bacon Party.

There are a few essential things one must consider when planning this type of event:
1. The location must make sense for the brand.
2. The guests must be influential in your brand’s space (influencers that make sense for your brand).
3. The execution and presentation must be photo-ready, “instagrammable” and   be held in a shareable environment, one in which the influencers will be willing to share with their audience and followers.

Hosting events provides an all-encompassing social media experience. They’re not only fun, but this is also when we tend to see the biggest spikes in our clients’ engagement and following.

Location. Location. Location.

Location is the first thing we consider when planning an event. It is one of the largest components that makes an event a “winner” in the eyes of our client. Since Farmer John is a West Coast brand, we like to focus on cities where our client’s products are readily available and the awareness is already emerging. Hence the reason we chose Los Angeles, Portland and most recently San Francisco.

Star-Studded Foodie Guest List.

The guest list included niche foodie influencers in their respective cities. Their followers ranged from 5k to 100k followers. We also held a ticket giveaway, which gave the general public and potential consumer the chance to take part in the event and experience the product alongside the influencers. This earned Farmer John thousands of comments & hundreds of new followers.

A Picture Perfect Event.

The guests enjoyed a 4-course brunch menu complete with a DIY Bloody Mary bar, made with all Farmer John products. The menu was curated with the element of sharing in mind, with the food assembled and plated almost too good-looking to eat. The guests were smiling from start to finish, while sharing the tasty dishes, and even took home doggy bags of leftovers.

The Bacon Party is just one of many successful events we’ve hosted for our clients but the work does not stop when the party is over. For weeks and even months after we will continue to use the content from the event to stay connected and maintain relationships with the influencers through the various social platforms. We have found that our audience loves the human element that these events convey. These photos leave a lasting impression so the next time they see Farmer John products in the grocery store they will automatically connect the brand with good times, great food and quality experiences.