That’s the question we wanted every senior to be able to answer when we partnered with startup GreatCall in 2006. At the time, smartphone adoption among seniors was less than 1%. To put that in perspective, more seniors had tried yoga (and mastered the Tree Pose) than had used a smartphone.

While some agencies may have seen this as an insurmountable task, we saw it as an amazing opportunity. The way we looked at it, we had a chance to help GreatCall capture 99% of the senior mobile phone market. We would have aimed for 100%, but we’re not greedy.

So how do you reach a generation that was intimidated by technology and didn’t see the need for a mobile phone? To find out, we immersed ourselves in the brand and studied our audience thoroughly. We wanted to know everything about them from their hobbies and eating habits, to their favorite pet name (which is Max, by the way).


In just four short years, our partnership with GreatCall helped the Jitterbug phone reach 50% brand awareness across the U.S. and a reputation for really understanding the needs and wants of the senior market.


Today, our drive and passion for working with GreatCall has helped grow their business from a one-product company to a brand leader in connected health with over 795,000 subscribers, multiple product and service offerings, and a quarter-billion in revenue. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years of collaborating with GreatCall and answering the call to help a new generation of seniors live healthier, happier lives.


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